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June 6, 2019!
The second round submission starts today.

October 30, 2018!
ICVRT 2019 will be held in Wuhan, China during October 29-31, 2019. 第二届虚拟现实技术国际会议将于2019年10月29-31日在中国武汉召开。

June 22, 2018!
ICVRT 2018 has been successfully held in Singapore during June 15-18, 2018! The group photo is available here. (Click) 第一届虚拟现实技术国际会议已于2018年6月15-18日在新加坡成功举行!请点击查看会议合照。

May 28, 2018!

The conference program is available now. (Click) 点击查看会议日程。

Mar. 6, 2018!

The last round of submission starts today. 最后一轮征稿今天开始。

Dec. 11, 2017!

The conference venue has confirmed at Nanyang Executive Centre in NTU. (Click) 会议将在新加坡南洋理工南洋行政中心举行。(点击查看)

Nov. 6, 2017!

Prof. Xudong Jiang has confirmed to deliver a speech at the conference. (Click) 蒋旭东教授将到会做主题报告。(点击查看)

Oct. 23, 2017!
Prof. Yulin Wang, Prof. Jimmy Liu and Prof. Chi-Man Pun have confirmed to deliver a speech at the conference. (Click) Yulin Wang教授,Jimmy Liu教授和Chi-Man Pun教授将到会做主题报告。(点击查看)

Sept. 25, 2017!
ICVRT 2018 is calling for papers around the world. ICVRT 2018正面向全世界范围征稿。

Sept. 25, 2017!
2018 International Conference on Virtual Reality Technology (ICVRT 2018) will be held in Singapore during June 15-18, 2018. 2018年虚拟现实技术国际会议将于6月15-18日在新加坡召开。


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