Call for Papers (Flyer Download)

We invite submissions of high-quality, original research papers on topics related to virtual reality technology, including but not limited to:

Track 1: Virtual Reality Applications
Educational and training simulations
Medical and healthcare applications
Entertainment and gaming
Virtual tourism and cultural heritage
Collaborative virtual environments

Track 2: Virtual Reality Technologies
Virtual reality hardware and software
Augmented reality and mixed reality
Immersive technologies (e.g. haptics, sound, smell)
Virtual and augmented reality content creation tools
Virtual reality analytics and metrics

Track 3: Human-Computer Interaction in Virtual Reality
User interfaces and interaction techniques
Usability and user experience in virtual reality
Social and emotional aspects of virtual reality
User behavior and decision-making in virtual reality
Accessibility and inclusivity in virtual reality

Track 4: Virtual Reality in Industry and Engineering
Virtual prototyping and product design
Virtual assembly and maintenance
Virtual training for manufacturing and industry
Virtual reality for urban planning and architecture
Virtual reality for the automotive and aerospace industries

Track 5: Virtual Reality and Education
Virtual reality in primary and secondary education
Virtual reality in higher education and research
Distance learning and virtual classrooms
Gamification and virtual reality in education
Pedagogical approaches for virtual reality learning

Track 6: Virtual Reality and Health
Virtual reality for mental health treatment
Virtual reality for physical therapy and rehabilitation
Virtual reality for pain management
Virtual reality for healthcare training
Ethical and legal issues in virtual reality healthcare applications


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